Colours of Grace


‘Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.’

Grace comes in green jackets, gray stucco, and red cars. It comes in grinning, brown faces, in blue, tear-stained eyes, in orange sunsets, the white foam, and even in the dark shadows of life.

No night is without its glimmer; no abyss without its ray.

The 162 authors of this book delve into the archives of the heart to divulge lessons they’ve learned from life. They speak of family reunions remembered, ant parades analysed, accidents avoided, losses endured, and hearts buoyed up by hope. They explain what French toast tells us about God, how prayer cures a bad attitude, and how to have peace in a bomb shelter.
The wisdom of many lifetimes is condensed in these testimonies. Read them. Let their litany of light and gladness colour all of your days with grace.

An inspirational daily devotional for women, by women.

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