Cleansing Fire, Healing Streams

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There is transforming power in the realization that you are loved unconditionally and eternally.

A longing for something more lives in the hearts of men and women who look thoughtfully at the world, who consider their own human condition and limitations.

Kent Hansen, husband, father, civic leader, successful and respected attorney, is one of those who has looked thoughtfully, considered his own condition, and been changed by God’s grace.

“I write my personal experience not to bare my soul, for that alone helps no one,” he says. “I am telling you out of my personal knowledge about the cleansing and healing that is possible with Jesus Christ.”

Sometimes lyrical, the brief and honest observations in this book will appeal to men and women readers. Here are just a few of Hansen’s chapter titles:

  • Answering the One Who Taunts Me
  • The Sound of a Butterfly
  • Learning to Pray in Afghanistan
  • Owning an Ox Means a Messy Barn
  • Cleansing Fire, Healing Streams 

Read them in silence and solitude. Let the underbrush and overgrowth of busyness burn away. Make way for the cleansing springs of grace to flow again through your heart and soul, and share what you discover with others.

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