Christmas in my Heart Volume 6



Christmas. Families are trying to recapture it from Madison Avenue, but the task is anything but easy, for the secular forces of greed and excess spend billions every year controlling the airwaves. Finding islands of serenity in the midst of commercial cannonading will not occur by default. They must be searched for.

Instead of concentrating Christmas into one 24-hour period, many families extend the season from Thanksgiving Eve to Epiphany by sharing one Christmas in My Heart story with the entire family each day. The result is a new vision of the Lord, whose birth, death, and resurrection we celebrate, and a deeper commitment to service for others. Try such a Christmas just once, and Christmas in My Heart will become a treasured family tradition.

One of the reasons for the magic of Christmas is that it is both a constant, yet always different. That is why each Christmas spawns its own set of memories. In a very significant way, we measure our lives by Christmases. Paradoxically, we have come full circle; the ultimate in prestige is a handwritten letter.

Just so, the ultimate memory builder is not to listen to a video or to see a film on TV or in the theater. No, the ultimate bonding memory is to be read to–live–by a member of one’s family, or by a beloved friend. These are the memories that last, that calls one home across the thousands of miles. Christmas in My Heart provides the stories. All you have to do is read them out loud.–Joe L. Wheeler.


Introduction    From Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    Small Things    By Margaret E. Sangster, Jr.
2.    The Servant Candle    By Terry Beck
3.    Clorinda’s Gift    By Lucy Maud Montgomery
4.    So Cold, So Far From Home    By Maimu Veedler
5.    Christmas on the Homestead in 1894    By Rosina Kiehlbauch
6.    The Miraculous Staircase    By Arthur Gordon
7.    The Stuffed Kitten    By Mae Hurley Ashworth
8.    Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John    By Pearl S. Buck
9.    Their Best Christmas    By Pearl S. Buck
10.    Their Best Christmas    By Hartley F. Dailey
11.    A Stolen Christmas    By Charles M. Sheldon
12.    To See Again    By Gary B. Swanson
13.    Bid the Tapers Twinkle    By Bess Streeter Aldrich
14.    Why Carolyn Didn’t Go to the Christmas Party    By Arthur Milward
15.    Pandora’s Books    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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