Christmas in my Heart Volume 25


The year 1991 saw the end of the Cold War. The price of a postage stamp went from $0.25 to $0.29, and gas sold for $1.14 a gallon. It was also the year Christmas in My Heart first went to print, unnumbered, for no one imagined there would be a second book. Or a third. Now, this edition marks the 25th anniversary of the series—with a total of 402 stories and more than 3,000 pages to date, it is the longest running Christmas story anthology series in America. Loved by thousands, the release of each additional book marks the beginning of the Christmas season in homes all across the country. Sit back and enjoy Christmas in My Heart 25


Introduction    The Stars That Shine on Christmas Night    By Elizabeth Carter
1.    Mother Would Be So Proud    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
2.    Only Seven Days Until Christmas    By Anna McClure Sholl
3.    Matters of the Heart    By Janice Hermansen
4.    Christmas Shopping Trip    By Kathryn Buckley
5.    Poinsettias Would Be Best    By Eileen Herbert Jordan
6.    A Christmas Invitation    By Helen H. Trutton
7.    Skookum Blue    By John Paul Kilmer-as told by Louia Cottrell [Molly Blackwell]
8.    The Angel Said    By Olive Rambo Cook
9.    Star in the East    By Nelia Gardner White
10.    Christmas Choice    By Nora Ann Kuehn
11.    Shopping With Grandmother Minton    By Daisy Crabbe Curtis
12.    The Farthest Hill    By Maxine Lane
13.    Christmas in Peters Garden    By Blanche Bayliss
14.    Good Will Toward Men    By Betsey Mann Collins
15.    The Christmas She’s Never Forget    By Elizabeth Eicher
16.    An Amtrak White Christmas    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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