Christmas in my Heart Volume 19


It takes a lot more work to keep a marriage together for life than any bride and groom ever conceptualize.  so many stress points over so many years that it’s a miracle any marriage survives.

Half of this year’s Christmas stories have to do with marriage, most of them tackling such related subjects as alienation, separation, misunderstandings, divorce, reconciliation, and, of course, love.

But with all these roadblocks barring the way to a marriage that lasts a lifetime (half of all marriages end in divorce), there are solutions to almost every problem.  Kathleen Norris puts it this way:  “Marriage is a job.  Happiness or unhappiness has nothing to do with it. There was never a marriage that could no be made a success, nor a marriage that could not have ended in bitterness and failure.”


Introduction    The Faded Christmas Tree    By Margaret E Sangster Jr
1.    Which Was the Greatest?    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
2.    The Christmas Letter    By Robert E. Johnson
3.    Patty’s Favorite Doll    By Jan Keller
4.    A Carol for Katrusia    By Annie B. Kerr
5.    A Gift From Pa    By Rian B. Anderson
6.    When They Came    By Nancy N. Rue
7.    A Christmas Conscience    By J. L. Harbour
8.    No Party    By Kathleen Norris
9.    Homecoming    By Isobel Stewart
10.    Mrs. Hildebrandt’s Christmas    By Robert Smith
11.    A Mislaid Uncle    By E. Vinton Blake
12.    The Layette    By Marlene J. Chase
13.    The Philosopher’s Awakening    By Mabel Lee Cooper
14.    A Father for Christmas    By Sue Kaufman
15.    The Hollow Tree    By Margaret E. Sangster Jr.
16.    Christmas Eve on East Point    By Russell Gordon Carter
17.    A Bride Doll Just for Looking At    By Connie Lounsbury
18.    Journey    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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