Christmas in my Heart Volume 17


Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive

The Christmas in My Heart series has become a regular part of thousands of Adventists’ and others’ Christmas holidays. Now you can share with friends and family the uplifting and inspirational stories of the 17th volume.

You can keep Christ in Christmas and Christmas in your heart all year by assimilating the values worth living by in these stories—the values that Jesus exemplified in His life on earth.


Introduction    A St. Nicholas Magazine Christmas    By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.    President for One Hour    By Fred P. Fox
2.    Kane and Pard    By Addison Howard Gibson
3.    In Clean Hay    By Eric P. Kelly
4.    Where the Christmas Tree Grew    By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
5.    Something for Aunt Jane    By Elizabeth Flint Wade
6.    Santa Sylvia    By T. Morris Longstreth
7.    Baby Deb “P’ays” for the Christmas Goose    By John Russell Coryell
8.    A Snowbound Christmas    By Frances Cole Burr
9.    Hetty’s Letter    By Katharine Kameron
10.    A Substitute for Mildred    By Helen M. Girvan
11.    A Random Shot    By Marion Hill
12.    The Cherry-Colored Purse    By Susan Fenimore Cooper
13.    Ermee’s Christmas Doll    By Alice Josephine Johnson
14.    The Snowbound Santa Claus    By Izola L. Forrester
15.    Where Journeys End    By Beth Bradford Gilchrist

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