Chosen (Comic/Activity Book)


David, the shepherd boy, is face-to-face with Goliath—the giant who for 40 days has challenged David’s people to send one brave man to fight him.

Where does a shepherd boy armed with only stones and a sling get the courage to face a scary giant?

God had plans for David, His chosen one. He has plans for you too.

Chosen is a comic strip visual introduction to the history of King David’s life. It is designed to share the adventure-filled story of a shepherd boy who became king and, in the process, overcame extraordinary challenges. 

Each of the chapters in David’s life is presented on one page, followed by an activity page that allows you to explore how the story is relevant to your life. The activity pages include games and interesting facts to help you remember and understand the story more fully. 

Grab a Bible and look up the “Action Passage” found at the top of each activity page to read the stories and other verses. You can use the contents page in your Bible to help you locate the verses. David’s story begins in 1 Samuel 16. Enjoy discovering more about this remarkable man of God!

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