Chains in China


The interrogator slapped the table with his hand and stood to his feet. “If you do not want my help, there’s nothing more I can do for you here! However, I feel I must tell you that from this day forward, things will not go well for you here at the Wu Xi Prison. . . . If you are stubborn and do not give the confession, the warden will become tough as nails. He will never let you out of here!”

In 1960, Chen, a faithful young Seventh-day Adventist, was imprisoned and thrown into “the cage” for refusing to work on the Sabbath. In spite of living in the worst kind of filth and subsisting on a starvation diet, Chen looked for every opportunity to tell his fellow prisoners and prison officials about the loving God he served.

Chains in China illustrates the nightmare of tribulation God’s people have often endured for the cause of Christ. It is a chronicle of relentless devotion and a tribute to the faithfulness of a God whose love never lets go. Chen knows this firsthand, for were it not for the miracle God performed to save his life, he would have died in Wu Xi Prison.

Pastor Chen writes, “His grace was always enough for me in good times and bad, and today I want to glorify His name.”

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