Cancer: Faith Facts & Formulas


Are you worried about cancer? There is cause for serious concern. It’s the biggest killer we face today. What can we do to prevent it? How do we recover from it? And where does our faith as Christians fit into the picture? In this thoroughly researched book, Sharon Platt-McDonald (MSc, RHV, RM, RGN), an experienced healthcare professional and author of numerous other titles, tries to make sense of what can often seem a senseless disease In seeking to combat cancer many individuals have turned to methods of prevention and intervention that have not been scientifically validated and are therefore not evidence-based.

On the subjects of Facts, Faith and Formulas this publication will draw on the scientific evidence available concerning the avoidance of cancer, its treatment options and its health outcomes. Most of us know someone who has had cancer or is currently living with a cancer diagnosis. Perhaps they have shared their experience with you and you are not sure how to respond, or maybe you are unsure of how best to support them. Alternatively, you may have some knowledge about cancer and a good understanding of how to support those who have it. You may, in fact, have a specific viewpoint in terms of how to deal with the disease or how to reduce the chances of having itWhatever your views on cancer causes, prevention or treatment, it is hoped that this book will stimulate you to take another look at this disease and how we can all join in the fight to combat it and better support those who have it.

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