Broken Stick: Mission to the Forbidden Islands


Norman Ferris stood his ground as a group of 40 or 50 Bellonses warriors held their spears high and thundered across the sacred beach toward him. He had come to this remote island to tell the devil worshipers about the one true God . . . and he wasn’t leaving until he did so.

Norman wasn’t afraid to die and he wasn’t afraid to live either. In 1927 fully aware of the dangers awaiting them he and his wife Ruby sailed to the Solomon Islands only a year and a half after their marriage. Daunting trials and challenges would follow but so would profound spiritual victories and miraculous answers to prayer.

Actually this isn’t just the story of two courageous missionaries from Australia. This book is full of stories about the incredible power of God in the lives of all those who choose to follow Him because somebody loved them enough to tell them. Head-hunting devil priests included.

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