Brief History of God’s Love


Birth. Life. Death. What’s the point of it all? Is humanity an accidental episode of atomic cruelty, serving no purpose but to survive until we die? Unimaginable.

Discover the beauty of the greatest story ever told in A Brief History of God’s Love as Dr. Jack Blanco, best-selling author of The Clear Word devotional paraphrase, distils the beauty of Ellen G. White’s 3,659-page Conflict of the Ages series into bite-sized chapters for today’s busy readers.

You’ll find out about the war that split heaven, watch God birth the earth and its inhabitants, discover what went wrong in Eden, and join our human ancestors as they struggle against the powers of darkness on their epic journey to redemption through the promised Messiah.

The prophetic odyssey isn’t over, but we know how it ends. Where do you fit in?

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