Book of Daniel


The Book of Daniel makes it clear that God is the Lord of history, nations, and individuals.  From the ashes of exile to the glory of resurrection, the Prince of Peace stands sovereign over the kingdoms of the world and watches over His people.

Many Christians feel overwhelmed at the thought of a deep dive into the Old Testament book of Daniel.  The ancient past, distant future, cryptic symbols, and complex prophecies can easily become a tangled web of misunderstanding and confusion.  However, no matter how complex certain portions of the book may seem, one truth emerges loud and clear: Jesus wins.

Studying the book of Daniel is an exciting adventure, requiring a great deal of wisdom and understanding.  Indeed, Daniel himself prays for understanding.  This book, divided into thirteen chapters, starts by introducing issues related to understanding Daniel, such as literary structure and historical context.  The subsequent chapters move through the narrative and prophetic sections, highlighting Daniel’s application to our modern lives.

Start with a prayer for wisdom and understanding, then let Daniel speak and present the truth as it is in Jesus.

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