Bing of the Kobuk


Bing played with the frost on the side window as he rode. Mrs. Nelson drove along the snow-covered Alaskan country roads and watched him from the corner of her eye. 

 “Bing?” she began. He did not answer. “Bing, talk to me.”

Bouncing yet again to another foster home, Bing’s life was about to change dramatically.

Bing of the Kobuk follows the story of a young Inuit boy. Growing up in the wilderness regions of Arctic Alaska, where one mistake can cost you your life, Bing is introduced to his heavenly Father. Through miraculous intervention and the help of his pet wolf, Bing is united with his real family.

This gripping story of life in the harshest of environments is an adventure of survival and faith.

This book is a great read for junior–aged readers. Kenneth Crawford draws from his experience as a missionary and administrator in Alaska to provide unique insights into the cultural and natural world that is the Arctic.


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