Biblica: The Bible Atlas


The complex history, social effects and culture of the Bible is explored and fascinatingly woven together in this essential companion to the Bible. Gain fresh insights into immortal Bible stories as Biblica – The Bible Atlas provides more context and up-to-date insights than any of it’s predecessors. This expertly crafted Bible atlas provides more knowledge than ever about timeless Bible tales to improve your understanding of some of the most famous events in history.

This wonderful book is split into 8 parts:- Geography and History of the Bible Lands- Genesis and the Patriarchal Period- The Judges, The Kings- The Prophets and the Righteous – The Conquest of the Kingdoms- The Life of Jesus of Nazareth and Spreading the Word

This exceptional book includes information on the topography, geology, climate, vegetation and key physical features of the region. This title contains 125 original maps showing prominent locations, journeys, battles, kingdoms and empires discussed in the Bible. It also features informative family trees and tables. It incorporates the very latest archaeological findings and theological research.

With a social and historical journey through the lands of the bible, this is a must have for in-depth biblical study. This hardback book has 576 pages and measures: 34.5 x 26 x 5cm.

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