Beyond the Veil of Darkness


“It was a bright and sunny Sabbath morning . . . the day on which I fully expected to die.

With these words Esmie Branner begins to unfold a story of heart-pounding intrigue and modern-day miracles that will deepen your faith in a God who still intervenes to deliver His children from destruction.

Beyond the Veil of Darkness is an intimate first-person account of the struggles, opposition, and courageous triumph of a young Christian woman who clung to her faith in Jesus Christ despite the physical and mental abuse of a Muslim husband. Though you will at times be tempted to think you are reading a suspense novel, the events described here are true.

In these pages you will read of her three sons’ abduction to a foreign country and her flight to Saudi Arabia to reunite her family. Through her words you will experience the persecution and isolation that awaited her in this strange land where open adherence to Christianity could result in death. And you will rejoice in the triumph of her faith that brought about miraculous interventions and Daniel-like deliverance.

Esmie’s story shows what it really means to surrender “all” to Jesus and to be tried in the fire. The impressions you receive from this thrilling personal testimony will be etched into your mind and heart forever. It is truly an unforgettable and awe-inspiring account of God’s faithfulness and power over the forces of darkness.

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