Beyond the In-a-pinch God


Could your relationship with God use a shot in the arm?

Here is a devotional for young adults who want to move beyond the convenient arm’s-length relationship with a there-when-needed, in-a-pinch God into one of complete surrender to His grace.

Dwain Esmond wanted God around during the crises in his life. But after the storm blew over, it was back to ho-hum. God was for bad times. Then something happened to his father that jarred him into a new relationship with his heavenly father. He discovered that God wants to be more to us than “Mr Fixit,” who hears from us only when we are in hot water.

Now he invites you to share the feast of blessings that God has for those who walk with Him. Esmond shares personal experiences that touched him deeply-home runs and strikeouts-along with stories of God’s working in other lives. This delightful potpourri opens new windows on God’s love, friendship, forgiveness,  truth, healing, holiness, generosity, and salvation. You will be inspired to nestle deeper into His embrace and experience the joys of discipleship, with the assurance that He still does come through in a pinch.

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