Being Church


Adrian Peck has stepped out into the deep to rescue a long-forgotten truism: that church done contextually is the key to holistic growth that is missional, accessible and engaging. No matter where we are in the world, it is easy to look elsewhere in our search to discover how church ‘should’ be done. Unwilling to do this, Adrian Peck has uncovered some theological gems, which are contextualised in practical terms within the UK’s postmodern, post-Christian scene. These can give us the impetus to start believing in the impossible: that God through His church can effectively reach out to secular, unchurched people in these times. The genius of the book is that big concepts are made simple to understand and apply. This is effectively done at the end of each chapter where the author provides questions for group discussion, reflection and practical application. Impassioned by his excellent research on progressive congregations, Peck is keen to persuade his reader that the best of what God is doing elsewhere can be done in whatever corner we inhabit. I recommend this book for use in different church settings: study groups, small groups, leadership groups, and so on. It is a book that can change things. – Gifford Rhamie, Lecturer in the Department of Theological Studies and Director of Field Education at Newbold College of Higher Education.

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