Avenues to the Heart

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Teachers have a hard row to hoe, and most don’t choose the profession for its monetary rewards. Most teach because they love children and want to see them saved in God’s kingdom. There are many teachers who have not heard a positive word from parents or constituents for a long time. When bad things happen around school, many of us feel compelled to speak to school staff about what is going wrong. But how often do we thank them for the good things that are happening?
As you read these stories about dedicated Adventist teachers and the difference they have made in the lives of their student storytellers, don’t forget to look for the good things that are happening at your own Adventist school. Take every opportunity to hug a teacher and say Thank you!
Teachers Who Made a Difference
“She would not tolerate petty injustices or prejudices and absolutely required that we treat everyone just as we would want to be treated. She was the underdog’s crusader and the bully’s Achilles’ heel.” -Shirley Grear
“I don’t remember the actual class work. What I remember is what his life has meant to me.” – Paul Kilgore
“We talked about personal stuff, relational stuff, and about God. She taught me how to start having my own personal relationship with Jesus. She got me into reading the Bible every day. She changed me from a person who grew up as an Adventist knowing about Jesus to a person who knows Jesus as her best Friend.” – Becky Gomoll
“Next to parents, teachers have the greatest impact on the future lives of their students and, therefore, on the future values and general direction of our society and community of faith.” -Niels Erik Andreasen
“I came to realize I was the recipient of a moment of grace. Although my life did not change much at that time for we were still poor, and my mother still had to work long hours away from home-in later years, that incident became a beacon in my life that showed me an example of grace and redemption.” – Joy Graves
“Mrs. Andrieux was the great detector of blue jeans and chewing gum-both strictly forbidden. It became a challenge for students to sneak one or the other past her for an entire period. Many tried. Many failed.” – Stacey Tol

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