Audiobook: P2P Peer to Peer (Junior Devotional)


OK, you ready for a pop quiz? AW, come on , it’s not that hard-it’s multiple choice! How old are the people who wrote the following excerpts found in this devotional? (No peeking!) (A. 65-70 B. 45-50 C. 25-30 D. None of the above.)

Answer: D. None of the above! Can you believe it?

In fact, P2P has hundreds of incredible stories from teenagers (and a few of their teachers) who have something amazing and personal each day to say to you-yes, you!-about faith, God, church, school, and everything else that really counts.

Some are real-life stories about overcoming sadness and finding true happiness wherever you are; some are imaginative adventures that are a great escape … but each and every day you’ll love how each one connects you to Jesus.

Total Running Time: 11 Hours, 38 Minutes, and 4 Second. Read by Michael Neeb.

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