As We Go: Becoming Like the Master Through Authentic Discipleship


“Under the training of Christ the disciples had been led to feel their need of the Spirit. . . . In mind and character they had become like their Master.”– Ellen G.White

As We Go: Becoming Like the Master Through Authentic Discipleship is your definitive guidebook to a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ! Through these pages our friend and pastor Alejandro Bullón demonstrates that being a disciple of Jesus is more than attending church once a week or reading the Bible occasionally. He proclaims that the lives of authentic disciples of Jesus will not be periodically but continually growing in the image of the Creator God.

Be challenged and encouraged by reading this book. Learn to enjoy communion with Jesus—by abiding in Christ and partnering with Him in His mission you will grow to mature fullness in Christ. The heart of “I Will Go” is not what we do, but who we are as we go. And who we are is determined by the relationship we have with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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