Answer is Prayer


“Morris Venden is best known in the Adventist Church for the sensible answers he gives to the questions people ask about how to make Christianity work in real life-such as:

Why do other people always seem to get answers to their prayers, but I never do?

Why should I expect answers to my prayers? The Bible says that God won’t answer the prayers of a sinner.

There’s something I really want, but doesn’t God get tired of hearing me ask for it over and over?

Saying “Thy will be done” shows a lack of faith. Wouldn’t we get more answers to prayer if we just told God what we want and then really believed we’d get it?

Is God angry with me? Is that why He won’t answer my prayer?

In The Answer Is Prayer, Venden responds to these and many other questions, both from the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. And, as always, he shows that underlying everything else is learning to know Jesus as a Friend.”

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