An Insider’s Guide to the Kingdom


An Insider’s Guide to the Kingdom… Is such a thing really possible? Yes, because the core of this book truly comes from an insider, Jesus Christ.
This book is based on the Beatitudes, which is simply a fancy Latin title for the eight blessings which form the beginning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 5 to 7. The blessings provide a map for Christian living or, to use the language of our age, a guide for genuine spirituality.
There is a progression in these blessings. They begin with people who are spiritually bankrupt, who doubt God has any use for them at all. The last blessing is for those who would rather die than dishonour Him. In between, there is something for all of us.
These chapters made their first appearance as Sunday broadcasts on the Voice of Prophecy. They have been edited slightly for this book.
May God use these words to help make you a real insider in the kingdom of God.
John McLarty, Writer/Producer The Voice of Prophecy Sunday Broadcast

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