1844 Made Simple


What significance, if any does the year 1844 and the oft attacked events surrounding it have for Christians today? Is there a way to make sense for the confusing maze of beasts, dates, and kingdoms in Daniel?

From a man who came unbearably close to denying the validity of an investigative judgement and leaving the church that taught it, comes the boldest, most simple explanation and ringing endorsement of this paramount biblical teaching. In this book, Clifford Goldstein, best-selling author of The “Saving” of America, solves the maze of Daniel’s prophecies. He reveals the truth about 1844 and the investigative judgment in stunning clarity and unashamed passion.

1844 Made Simple is destined to be one of the most important books you, as a Christian awaiting the imminent return of Christ, will ever own. If you’ve wondered whether you’d ever get it all straightened out, look no further. The key to solving 1844’s maze and becoming grounded in present truth is now in your hands.

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